Friday, September 19, 2008

Funny Olympics

I would like to share with you this funny olympic video that I received in my email (at work). This has been passed around since the 2008 olympics began. I was shocked and at the same time amused by the video - you'll know what I mean once you've watched it (lol). I don't know who made this video or where this video came from. As soon as I find out, I'll make sure to make a post about it. For now, if any of you happen to know anything about the maker of the video, please leave me a comment.

Once again, this is Janice signing off for today. Happy viewing everyone! (lol)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Give way for the new YOU!

I've been surfing the Net today and came across this article. I would like to share it with all of you out there (as I believe in everything that was written on the article - I'd like to think of myself as it's living proof hahahaah LOL ).

This was written by Debbie Rocker and you can check the original article by clicking here.

This is what's written in her article:

1. Stay positive. Believe that transformation is possible even when you haven’t seen the changes that you want yet. I am sure that you can site many examples in your life where you didn’t expect something to happen and then whoa, there it was. If you don’t have enough evidence of your own, look around you. Do you know someone who thought they’d never get the job, meet that special person, or lose the weight, and then they did? Haven’t you read amazing stories about people overcoming obstacles and creating tremendous transformation in their lives, many against great odds? These are just people too, like you and me; anyone can overcome.There is one thing that you can be sure of in life, and that is change. Make sure yours happens quickly, and in the way you want, by staying positive and then taking the steps that you know you should take.

2. Stay in the moment. If you think about your end results, the work becomes overwhelming. Just do what you know you can do today, and when tomorrow becomes today, you’ll deal with that.

3. Keep your expectations low. Don’t expect too much too soon, you’ll only get discouraged. Aiming high is nice to say but truly it is easier to stay positive if you set your sites on realistic, smaller goals.

4. Eliminate temptation. Remove distractions like foods that you don’t want to eat and people who have habits that you are trying to break. Surround yourself with people and materials that mirror the changes that you want for yourself. Hang out with happy, healthy people, read inspiring books, and listen to some great music that motivates you to get moving and take action.

5. Stop using excuses. There are always excuses; I am sure you have heard, or used, them all. When your desire to change becomes greater than your fear of changing, the excuses will go away -- nothing will stop you from becoming the new you. Even though you may not be able to change the underlying reasons why you haven’t yet accomplished your goals, you can start by removing some of the actions and thought processes that encourage you to stay stuck. Enough with the excuses!

So there you have it! Live life to the fullest my dear readers! And enjoy transforming yourselves for the best! ;)