Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rustom Padilla: When “He” became a “She”

Back when I was in my teeny-booper years, I was a sucker for tagalog movies. I particularly loved Sharon Cuneta, Vilma Santos, Manilyn Reynes, Sheryl Cruz and a bunch of stars from “That’s Entertainment”. I even remember memorizing all the groups (Monday to Friday Group) of stars that I see everyday on TV.

There were a lot of booming and budding love teams here and there. Manilyn – Janno, Romnick – Sheryl, Lotlot – Monching and the cutest of them all, the Carmina – Rustom Tandem. For me, they were the cutest couple I’ve ever laid eyes on. Carmina has always been cute and beautiful. And very endearing in her own little ways too. While Rustom was a pure HUNK! Yup. He was. He was muscular with a smile that can stop and kill you right then and there.

A few years went by and before I knew it, I grew up and well… I started to avoid tagalog movies after that. Not because I don’t patronize movies coming from my own country. But because their patterns were always the same. And geezz, do they really have to have those dance numbers in the beach in every middle part of the movie? (lol) I still watch tagalog movies but in moderation and depending on who’s starring it.

Anyway, back to our topic. Rustom and Carmina got married and eventually separated. At first, the reason for their separation was not known to the public. Until a few years after, Rustom made a stunning come back. I think “shocking” is the more precise term.

He is now a She. Rustom Padilla died in the US of A - that is according to Bebe herself. Rustom is now known as Bebe GandangHari. See pictures of Rustom before & after and Bebe Gandanghari’s exclusive interview. The interview is in TagLish (Tagalog mixed with English).

This is Rustom Padilla's Before and After pictures:

A video clip of Bebe's Interview with Lolit Solis and company:

This video clip of Bebe’s interview really knocked a LOT of sense into my head. She’s right. Life is short. And we should never be afraid to be what and who we truly are because only God can see our hearts.

To Bebe, you go girl! Thank you for reminding us that life is indeed too short to concentrate on what’s pleasing to others. That it is also important to be true to oneself – even when it means going out of your way to be who you really are.

Here's another video clip of Bebe's interview with Ruffa Gutierrez and Kris Aquino on The Buzz.

More happiness and blessings to everyone!


  1. heheheh...yeah, sayang...the Rustom I knew was a hunk! azzzz innnn!! hahayyyy...naunsa naman nuon ni cya woi....grabe cguro nga ordeal iya naagian before! :)

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    I hope you will visit, enjoy my writings, comment and tell your friends.

  3. I had fun watching BB.. lols..Grabe, sayang sya.. pero sa totoo lang ang ganda ni Rustom..hehehhe
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