Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cagayan de Oro Calamity: Nature's Wrath?

After a series of heavy rains coupled with flash floods and landslides, Cagayan de Oro is now officially under the state of calamity. With its residents still suffering and affected, thousands of families displaced, increasing number of people missing and dead tolls on the rise – this is by far the worst calamity for all Kagay-anons.

PAGASA weather forecast shows Cagayan de Oro will continue to have rains until Tuesday (January 20, 2009) - and who knows maybe even longer that that! Beats me! Just imagine how the city would be like next week. I am fearing for the worst. After having 2 waterspouts (Buhawi or Ipo-ipo in our dialect), just the thought of the coming days are already starting to get into my nerves.

Let me share with you some pictures that I took (of our backyard & Cagayan de Oro River view when I was in a taxi on my way to work) and some that I found on the Internet. I also have some that was provided to me by my teammate who took some pictures when their boarding house was flooded. Thanks to Gloryvel for her pictures. (For the other pics – which web sites I have forgotten to take note of, please notify me so I can link your web site and give you credit for your pictures. Thanks!)

(pictures taken from the Internet)

(pictures still taken from the Internet - i think this is in Isla de Oro?)

(Pictures I took using my cellphone)

(Pictures courtesy of my teammate Gloryvel Abao)

Cagayan de Oro has never had any serious case of flooding and landslides until recently. I guess it is just Mother Nature’s way of reminding us that the only way She can protect us is if we protect Her. The poor drainage system that has been left unattended and ignored for so long has finally caught everyone’s attention. I just hope the government officials are planning to do something about it. And for the residents of Isla de Oro, I hope the government can find a solution to this – a relocation area where the victims can start a new life, perhaps? Isla de Oro has never been a suitable place for anyone to live at but with the financial crisis and burdens on every Kagay-anon’s back, who would not take the risk of living under the bridge, near the drainage or even at Isla de Oro? If it would mean being able to provide shelter for the family, who wouldn’t take the risk?

Despite all the sad events, it is very heart warming to know that our fellow Kagay-anons has been given all the help and support they need (well, not ALL their needs but atleast people came rushing in to volunteer and donate clothings, foods and cash). Cagayan de Oro truly is the City of Golden Friendship. To all Kagay-anons out there who went out of their way to help the needy, I salute you! You make us all proud.

May God keep us all safe always.

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