Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Celebrating Halloween is not really a Philippine tradition but the company where I work at is observing every US Holiday. This is why we have our “Theme days”. I wrote about our company’s “Back to School Theme day” which our support group won (Yehey! Big applause please! lol). This month, we are celebrating “Halloween”. I decided to try my luck at carving. This time, I dragged my brother along (lol). I had 2 pumpkins, which we carved together. I had a great time carving it because it not only gave me time to stay connected with my artistic side (ahem! lol!) but it also gave me a chance to bond with my brother. It has been a while since we did something together because I am always sleepy upon getting home from work – and he is usually at school or with his classmates having their group study.

After successfully carving and shaping the pumpkins, I had to look for the materials that I needed (well, I had to think indigenous! lol). I decided to cut some dead branches from Dad’s mini forest. So anyway, I collected a couple of dead branches, a 5ft bamboo stick, an old shirt and prepared everything so I’ll have them ready when I leave for work the next morning.

When I got in at work, I was more pleased at successfully arriving with everything with me! It was VERY hard carrying everything. The pumpkins were heavy, the bamboo stick was protruding and I didn’t want to break any of the delicate dead branches! In short, I’m really happy my arms are in good condition and are still attached to me (lol)!

Even if I am sure we didn’t win anything during this year’s Halloween Theme Day (they’ll be announcing the winners tomorrow), I am just glad I took part in the event. Imagine this: I will be with the company for 4 years this coming May 2009 – and I have never done any major participation in any theme day ever! (lol). But this year, I am happy to share that I have discovered I can carve!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

A treat for myself!

Hi! It's been soooooo long since I wrote anything here. I had been so busy with a lot of stuff - work, new schedule, housing concerns and etc... (lol)

Today, I am in a very good mood. Wanna know why? I had finally recovered some of my pictures and mp3s from my old mobile memory card. Yes, I had problems with my cellphone recently. I had to have it's LCD replaced (which was very costly!), then my ever reliable memory card went dead ( I'm suspecting it's because of the themes I downloaded for my phone). Well, enough about that very frustrating event...

I am here to share with you this picture. This was taken by my teammate. I think this was taken before we had our schedule transition at work (I used to work the night shift a couple of months ago -- I am now in the morning shift, working at 5:00am to 1:30pm). I and my teammate, Jane, decided to go to Pan de Pugon (they sell really good brewed coffee! You should try it!). It was a cold night, a little rain shower and the night was just really so... uhmmm... peaceful? (lol). Anyway, we made our orders and then we decided to have something for dessert! (yehey!) It's been a while since I had any ice cream - well, that night I had some Cornetto Rocky Road Drumstick! Yum Yum! (lol). I really like this pic, reminds me of the days when I was still growing up. Vivid childhood memories of me and my brother always put a smile on my face.

And oh, by the way, I just discovered too that Chocolate and a really good coffee are great together! (I have heard Ms. Ina Garten mention it in her show but never did I realize how true it was until I tried it! Now, I'm addicted to her show "Barefoot Contessa" - but I'll write about it some other time hehehe).