Thursday, February 12, 2009

Joining my 1st Meme: Top 5 Crazy Things I did for Love

Today, as I was dropping EC cards, I stumbled upon Pu Niao’s interesting blog. And later found a note from Pu in my ChatBox too – how cool! I am a drophalic – I hope not a bad case (lol)! Anyway, Pu is hosting a meme this month of Hearts. And I am joining my 1st meme ever! Yipee!!! To join Pu’s meme, just click here.

Mechanics of the meme is easy. You just have to list the top 5 craziest things you did for love… hmm… it’s more like a puppy love for me now as I look back and ponder on it. Geezzz! I’m already hesitant in sharing mine now (lol)! I have one crazy voodoo like secret to share! But, I’ll share them anyway – I’m a good sport and besides, I did it when I was just in my teens (lol). Looking back and remembering really makes me say “Ewwww”, “yuck” and “I can’t believe I did that!” (lol).

Here goes my list:

The Top 5 crazy things I did for love:

  1. Wrote my crush’s name on a piece of paper, burned it while chanting some “magical” spell that was supposedly going to make him go nuts about me, keeping the ashes in an envelope and hid it underneath my pillow – this was supposedly going to make him dream of me for endless nights! Hahaha! I was just 12 years old back then! lol! Crazy kid!
  2. Wrote a “Mr. DeeJay” letter to a famous FM station to help me convey my feelings to my crush. Ewwwww!!! I was 14 when I did this ~ and the guy was like 3 inches shorter than me! Geezz! What was I thinking?!?!?! Well, atleast I made sure to use a code name for the sender's name and not have to reveal my name!!! LOL! This is one veerrryyy crazy memory I wish I could erase forever! LOL!
  3. Actually choked when my crush suddenly passed by me & my friends while we were at the school canteen enjoying our recess.
  4. Forgot how to solve the simple math problem in front of the class (on the board!!!) when I saw my crush looking at me! Ugh! I think I was in 2nd year high school when this happened. I remember wishing I could evaporate and vanish into thin air right then and there! lol!
  5. Pretended I was cool and okay when my crush asked someone else for our Junior prom – even when deep inside I felt like wanting to hit him for not knowing how I felt for him! He was one of my friends. This happened when I was in my 3rd year in highschool. LOL!

Now, it’s your time to share yours! I am tagging all my visitors to list and post the top 5 crazy things they did for love! I am not really sure how a meme works yet but…. Leave your comments with your suggestions and I’ll surely get my way around with your help!

Thanks a bunch and have a blessed day!

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  1. heheh nice entry dear i did something like that before and it was really crazy. Now your turn to read mine heheh.


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