Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Top EntreCard Droppers

I’ve just joined Entrecard a few days ago and already, I’m seeing a BIG improvement on my blog’s traffic. This is really so thrilling for me.

Droppers and their # of drops :
The Transparent Hypnotist 4
Gadgets Directory 3
PipeB Web Hosting 3
Nuclear•Winter 3
Search Engine Panel 3
Lights Camera Action 3
The Toy Report 2
Steven Wilson Marketing 2
josh q. public 2
Bitter Wind 2

To my top droppers for this month, thank you so much for dropping by! I hope you will continue to visit My Corner and make me smile!

For those who came by and dropped their cards, thank you!

May we continue to drive more traffic to our blogs / websites!

Take care my fellow bloggers!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Heart and Souls Movie

I am so addicted to this movie. I am so into it that I downloaded it from torrent after failing to find a copy of it (zero copies found in DVsoria, rental shops, friends and etc). I loved their song (walk like a man), I loved Penny and Julia’s story of love, Harrison’s stage fright and Milo’s crooked but endearing ways. This is a must-see movie! Its story about love, being brave and being true to oneself without fearing the risks is surely going to linger in you heart and soul for a very long time. Some would consider this an old movie. But nonetheless, the heartwarming story and message that comes with it will surely touch your heart. I am certainly a Robert Downey Jr. fan. Definitely!

Here’s a clip of the movie I found in youtube. I just love this song so much!

Finally! A new look for my Blog!

I have always wanted to change and improve my blog’s template. I wanted something serene and sleek looking. Not too fancy and not too classy. Just something simple really. I came across a lot of templates – all very beautiful! In fact, I had a headache just trying to decide which one to use! (lol) Anyway, I have finally decided on this one and I am happy with it.

I have lost some of my widgets and spent more than 2 hrs on the PC just getting everything right (from loading the new template, arranging the page elements, to manually adding widgets & gadgets and changing fonts & colors). Finally! I am done and can now go back to downloading movies! Yeahhhaaa!!! (lol)

I hope the new look fits your taste too! Let me know if you have any suggestions.


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Friday, January 23, 2009

Ghosts: Do they really exist?

I’ve always been fascinated with ghost stories – but take note: I don’t want to meet one! I just like to read or watch ghost stories or anything related to that. But meeting one face to face is definitely out of the question. Period.

Here’s a video that was shared to me by Mommy Aina. I hope this will spook you out like it did me. (lol) Happy Watching!

For Negros police, it’s an ordinary mapping operation. But as one of them takes a video of their activity, an image of a woman in a white flowing gown appears on the side of a mountain.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cagayan de Oro Calamity: Nature's Wrath?

After a series of heavy rains coupled with flash floods and landslides, Cagayan de Oro is now officially under the state of calamity. With its residents still suffering and affected, thousands of families displaced, increasing number of people missing and dead tolls on the rise – this is by far the worst calamity for all Kagay-anons.

PAGASA weather forecast shows Cagayan de Oro will continue to have rains until Tuesday (January 20, 2009) - and who knows maybe even longer that that! Beats me! Just imagine how the city would be like next week. I am fearing for the worst. After having 2 waterspouts (Buhawi or Ipo-ipo in our dialect), just the thought of the coming days are already starting to get into my nerves.

Let me share with you some pictures that I took (of our backyard & Cagayan de Oro River view when I was in a taxi on my way to work) and some that I found on the Internet. I also have some that was provided to me by my teammate who took some pictures when their boarding house was flooded. Thanks to Gloryvel for her pictures. (For the other pics – which web sites I have forgotten to take note of, please notify me so I can link your web site and give you credit for your pictures. Thanks!)

(pictures taken from the Internet)

(pictures still taken from the Internet - i think this is in Isla de Oro?)

(Pictures I took using my cellphone)

(Pictures courtesy of my teammate Gloryvel Abao)

Cagayan de Oro has never had any serious case of flooding and landslides until recently. I guess it is just Mother Nature’s way of reminding us that the only way She can protect us is if we protect Her. The poor drainage system that has been left unattended and ignored for so long has finally caught everyone’s attention. I just hope the government officials are planning to do something about it. And for the residents of Isla de Oro, I hope the government can find a solution to this – a relocation area where the victims can start a new life, perhaps? Isla de Oro has never been a suitable place for anyone to live at but with the financial crisis and burdens on every Kagay-anon’s back, who would not take the risk of living under the bridge, near the drainage or even at Isla de Oro? If it would mean being able to provide shelter for the family, who wouldn’t take the risk?

Despite all the sad events, it is very heart warming to know that our fellow Kagay-anons has been given all the help and support they need (well, not ALL their needs but atleast people came rushing in to volunteer and donate clothings, foods and cash). Cagayan de Oro truly is the City of Golden Friendship. To all Kagay-anons out there who went out of their way to help the needy, I salute you! You make us all proud.

May God keep us all safe always.

Birthdays in the Family

Glitter Words -

My brother recently celebrated his 28th birthday last January 11, 2009. It was a quiet celebration. Just the 4 of us (Papa, Mama, Erwin my bro and me). We just stayed home because it was raining plus we needed to check the river water level from time to time. I got my schedule adjusted that day due to the rain – because I came in 10 minutes late for work hehehe. I actually felt bad about not being able to give my lil bro something for his birthday. I gave him some cash but I’m just not used to giving cash as presents. But I’m happy knowing what my brother bought using my gift. He bought a new keyboard for our PC, visited his GF out of town and saved the remaining cash for his future use. Way to go, Bro! I hope you finish school soon so you can treat me out to dinner! (lol)

Anyway, I love my brother so much! (of course, I better do, because he is the only sibling I have). Even if we don’t always agree on the same things, I know that I’ll always have his support whenever I need it. Whenever I’m upset, not in the mood or when I was in the mood to argue with our noisy neighbors (lol), he has always been there for me, even went with me to the Barangay hall (lol). And I almost forgot, he cooks for me too when I’m too lazy to cook my own meals. He’s a good cook but… hmm sometimes, his food choices kinda gets weird. Good tasting but weird (lol).

Erwin my bro, this post came in late but nevertheless, I wish you more birthdays, blessings and happiness coming your way always! I love you! (Maskig pangit ka hehehehe).

My 30th Birthday

I celebrated my 30th birthday quietly this year. I took a day off work and just stayed at home, relaxed and just emptied my mind (Kakuyaw gud noh! lol). In other words, nagmuni-muni ko bayut! (lol) I truly enjoyed my birthday (even when it was raining and the weather was trying to get me down – ha!). A lot of really good things are happening for me (atleast, I’d like to think they are!).

My birthday this year is my happiest. And I have a LOT to be thankful for.

· For having my family with me
· For having a roof above my head
· For being able to eat 3 square meals a day (and even more!)
· For having a job (even if it’s making me paranoid)
· For my health
· And most of all, for having so much to look forward to everyday!

And the list could go on and on and on and on and on…..(lol).

For all who wished me a happy birthday – thank you! I appreciated it very much! Will post my birthday goodies next time.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cagayan de Oro Flooding: A Tragic Start for 2009

It started raining the past few weeks and days, but last Saturday (January 3, 2009) the rain didn’t stop and the Cagayan River started to rise. 7 were reported missing and feared dead. Many of my fellow Kagay-anons were forced to leave their homes for their safety.

I feel for those who lost their homes and valuable belongings – many lost their livelihood stocks to the flood. This is going to be a sad New Year start for my fellow Kagay-anons.

Behind our house is the Cagayan de Oro river. I consider myself and my family lucky to have been spared this calamity. Our house is situated much higher than the river level - it is as if we have a mini-cliff in our backyard and our house is situated right at the mini-cliff’s tip. But just like everyone else, we panicked and would check the river water level from time to time.

Here is a picture taken by my brother. He took this at around 9am using his cellphone. The water rose to as high as 8 to 10 ft. As you can see, the dark, murky waters will greet you as soon as you open the screen door of our back door.

For more pictures, just click on this link. This has been the worst flooding in our City since 1964. As of today, January 6, 2009, there are still a few reported missing and body counts are rising.

To all my fellow Kagay-anons out there, may you find the strength and the courage to go on. Don't ever lose hope & always have faith. Everything will be okay soon. My prayers go out to all of you.

Company Christmas Party 2008

We had our company Christmas party last December 12, 2008. It was grand, overflowing with great tasting foods and guests. I didn’t make it early enough to join the early bird raffle (thanks to the traffic!). But I’m not fretting. It was actually good because I had time to breathe and relax. I was working that day and got home at around 2:30pm. Early registration (for the raffle) started at 5pm and I wasn’t ready on time and when I was – well, I got stuck in traffic (lol).

I wasn’t able to get as much pictures as I’d like to because I was more of not in the mood that day (being sleepy and tired from lack of sleep – thanks to our ever noisy, drunk neighbors who partied and drank on the street till dawn). But anyway, here are among the few that I have taken. Enjoy! :-)

Me, taken at home before leaving for the party.

Me, Aquela, Jane and Gloryvel

Mr. Chris Caldwell, a very special guest, and the Irates girls

Rey, Aquela, me, Gloryvel and Jane

Happy Chat Support Team

Goodbye to a Comrade

Last December 5, 2008 was a very sad and tragic day. A very good friend of ours died of a sudden heart attack. Life really is unpredictable. You can be sitting and talking with someone and the next minute they’re gone.

Benhur was one of my agents. At first, I thought he spelled trouble. He has a say about anything and everything without a care of whoever hears him. But as I got to know him, he was quite gentle, kind and yes, even loving in his very own way. He was a good family man. A loving & doting father to his 2 kids, a faithful husband to his wife and was a very great teammate to us. He knew little about computers when he first started working at the call center, heck, he can’t even type as fast as normal people can – but he persevered. He was very determined to learn. He overcame a lot of struggles and yes, he learned and became one of the best.

Our team has this somewhat special bond between all of us. We have respect for each other and yes, we look after each other too (absences, over auxes and all). We worked as one and partied as one. Benhur went with our team outings even when he was already transferred to a different team. I guess he loved our company. We call our team the IRATES. Swearing and procrastinating are quiet common in our bay – but what I admire most about my team is the way they handle stress and still help customers even when they themselves are having a bad day. And Benhur was a true blooded IRATE (we all are!).

Benhur Tianco, in red, a good agent, friend and comrade to the Irates.

Benhur, thank you for the memories, for the laughter, the joy, the many wonderful moments, for sharing your time and your friendship with us . To you I say, Goodbye, Comrade! May you rest in peace in our Lord’s kingdom.

The White House Chaos?

I’ve been wanting to share this video with everyone but then, my ever reliable self managed to forget my password. So now that I’m back to blogging, I am finally going to share this one video that really just makes my day anytime. I hope it has the same effect to you (lol).

Happy viewing! :-)

Long absence reason

Hello, everyone!

Before anything else, I would like to take this chance of greeting each and everyone of you a belated Happy New Year! (woohooo!!!)

I know I have been out for a while again and a lot has happened – and this time, I really mean a LOT! And not only that, I successfully managed to forget my password! Can you even imagine that? Well, I finally remembered my password just today (after so many failed attempts before) and just couldn’t stay long on the PC since I was working through the Holidays (phew, what a shame!). So now, I’m just at home, being lazy and enjoying my rest day, and I am going to blog and make up for lost times (oh yeah!).

So, I’ll just go get my coffee, feed myself before my tummy decides to come up with a Coup threat (lol) and will be right back to write about the latest happenings lately (yes, ALL as in the good, bad and everything in between!).

So nice to be back here again, folks and this time – I’m writing this blog’s username and password in my phone’s organizer - and I’m not going to lose it ever again! (Yeehaaahhh!)

Happy New Year, folks! : -) Ciao!!!