Friday, August 1, 2008

Back to School 2008 Theme Day

We were on our best Back to School attire last June 24, 2008. Why? Our company has always been fond of having “theme” days (Pajama, Halloween, Christmas, Back-to-School, and Etc. You name it and we have it! lol). Well, being a part of the Non-Voice support group has, in some way, alienated us from the whole support group – but not this year. This year, we won the Back-to-School theme day!!! (yuhooo!!! Go Chat Support!!! Go Non-Voice Team!!! lol).

I was dressed as a teacher (I didn’t want to wear the short skirt and freeze to death in our workstation! lol) while my co-TCs were in their school uniforms (one acted as our Principal and our Manager was dressed in his school attire). Don’t we all look cute and adorable? (hehehe you better agree or I’ll shave your head! lol)

Hmmm… and now as I wonder… would we be able to keep up on the next theme day? Let’s wait and see ;-P

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