Sunday, August 3, 2008

Camiguin Island Escapade

I know I should have written about this a long, long time ago. But this happened way before I even started blogging! (lol) So now, I am sharing with you the memories I have taken with me when I and a bunch of friends went to Camiguin to unwind.

It happened on a cool summer day last May 2007. We had been planning about the whole trip and as we were approaching the big day, we were all just so excited and thrilled. It was going to be my first time at Paradise island ~ of course, I went ballistic! (lol) I was overweight and fat back then (hehehe I am now lighter bwehehe lol) but my body didn’t really bother me a lot during those times. I swore that I’d go and bare as soon as I arrive on the island (lol! For just as long as no one was going to puke when I came within sight! lol).
Eithel, me and Jessa (a.k.a "Sang")
Gal, me and Sang

So off I went with 3 of my best buddies at work (Gal, Jessa and Eithel). We woke up early, got ourselves ready and made sure we had packed everything essential to enjoy the island. Eithel was with her boyfriend at that time, so I and the rest were left on our own, wishing we were with our special someone too! (lol, I didn’t really have a special someone back then. Anyway, the three of us just made sure we enjoyed the trip by taking as many pictures as we can get using Eithel’s cam. (lol).

Our first stop was at Balingoan. From there we had to ride a ferry to get to Camiguin. We boarded the ferry, had a fabulous time, then took some more pictures (lol, what can you expect? We had been so busy working hard the whole year and this was our only chance of being away from work and relax to the max). As soon as we arrived at the Island, we were fetched from the port by Eithel’s relatives. Then, as we were on our way to Eithel’s hometown, all three of us were so awed at the breathtaking scenery that greeted us. All we could muster to say was a couple of “Ohhhs” and “Ahhs”. The road was by the cliff, it wasn’t scary, and as we neared the cliff, all three of us would move to the side and look at the majestic waves that came rushing to the shores, splashing on the rocks and crystal clear waters that were calling us – me- to go ahead and take a dive (lol, yes, that was how inviting the ocean was).

Sang, Krizzia, Gal and me

We went touring around the island as soon as we got there. We toured and toured, swam and swam, ate and ate, and toured again. (lol, sounds exciting, eh?). We went to the Sunken cemetery, Katibawasan Falls, the White Island, the Lagoon (and had a fabulous meal there too! hehehe). We were having the time of our lives and enjoying the moment. One night, we went out to attend a baranggay dance party (Benefit dance) – it was like a disco party! (lol). I had no choice but stay glued to my chair – oh please don’t let me dance! (lol! I can’t dance! I don’t know how to dance! lol!) The next morning, we went on a tour again, this time to the cold springs! Brrrrrrr, very cold! (lol) And there we swam with the teeny, tiny fishes that we managed to catch using Eithel’s dress (lol). We used her dress as a net and came up with a master plan on catching the fishes (much to the delight of Krizzia, Eithel’s cousin). It was an adventure we would never forget!

Eithel, Gal, Krizzia and me

Me, Krizzia, Gal and Sang

We bought some dried pusit (squid) on the way home. Then, as expected, we slept in the van during the rest of the trip. We were exhausted but very, very happy and satisfied with our Camiguin adventure.

We dreamed and planned of having a Bohol adventure ~ well… It’s still in the process (lol). Will update you as soon as we come up with the money and the time to have another island adventure.

Ciao! :-)

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