Monday, February 2, 2009

Have A Nice Day Music Video

Yes. It’s the classic “Mundane Monday” for me and is the reason why I skipped work today. Not really bad anyway. I’ll just swap my rest day so I can have today off and still qualify for this month’s Perfect Attendance bonus (hehehe).

So right now, I’m just at home. Resting and relaxing to my hearts content. Maybe I’ll go watch a movie later and hopefully get some chores done too. My room really needs some tidying up. It looks like a jungle – well, my mini-jungle actually (lol).

Today is a great day. The sun is up. I’m well rested (slept for 12 hrs straight) and relaxed. My brother is home and is cooking breakfast (yehaaa!). And to everyone, I would like to share this music video by one of my favorite band / singer.

Have a nice day everyone!

Happy watching!

Bon Jovi's "Have A Nice Day" music video

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