Wednesday, February 4, 2009

When Dreams Lie

They say dreams have meanings. That dreams are the windows to our subconscious. Many say dreams reveal so much about our future. Some even attest to dreaming about things they have not seen or met but experienced déjà vu sometime after having some particular dreams. Dreams are most likely easily forgotten. We forget them the moment we open our eyes and then we find ourselves groping for the incoherent images in our minds – the only memory of the now lost dream.

Just 2 nights ago, on my rest day, I dreamed of one very unforgettable dream. I dreamed about a lot of sh!t. Yes. Sh!t as in poopoo, that soft sometimes hard brownish thingy that comes out of your other end after your body is done digesting your food. I know I’m getting gross here, please bear with me as this has a lot of relevance to why I’m writing this post (lol). They say that dreaming of sh!t means MONEY. And dreaming of lots of shi!t means LOTSA MONEY! I think the saying “The more, the merrier” applies to this! (lol).

Anyway, I woke up and only remembered a few things about my dream. All I know is that I dreamed of being on a beach with crystal clear waters and… seeing all my sh!t around me! Eww… gross! lol! So, thinking that dreaming of sh!t = money, I immediately checked my wallet and smiled when I saw a few extra bills. I thought out aloud “Now is my time to shine, my dearest Poopoo!” and hurriedly went and asked my brother to go to the nearest Lotto outlet and pay for the numbers I wrote down. And boy! I had a lot of numbers! (lol!). Remember, the more the merrier and I did dream of a LOT of sh!t, right? (lol!)

I was mostly restless the whole afternoon. I was excited, nervous and yes, very hopeful. I pictured myself buying a new house and a car for my parents who will be retiring soon. I pictured myself finally owning my own laptop. And I also pictured myself saving some trust fund for my brother who is soon graduating from college. And was even thinking that if I win a big amount, I’ll use some to help my relatives, pay debts and share some to charity. I was already dreaming with my eyes wide awake! (lol).

I couldn’t sleep that night. I had to watch the Live Lotto draw on TV. I twisted and turned in bed – trying my hardest to fall asleep. Alas! Sleep did not come to me. So I went and watched TV – then the moment of truth finally came.

Well… I didn’t win anything. And I came to realize that maybe dreams are just dreams. A product of one’s crazy subconscious. And maybe dreaming of sh!t doesn’t always mean money. Dreams are just dreams I guess.

Now I know that dreams should not lead anyone on to anything. I learned my lesson the hard way. Let’s just leave it at that.

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