Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Busted PC

Hi everyone! Sorry been out. My PC crashed a few days ago. Then a day after that it failed to start. Brought it to a computer shop to have it's busted power supply replaced and now - well, its still not working -- a busted hard drive maybe? Kept displaying an error message that says "windows encountered a fatal error" and wouldn't load anything up.

I'm just at a cafe now - thank you everyone for dropping by even when I'm not around. I am scheduled to leave for Cebu on the 27th and will leave for Bohol on the 28th. I should be back home on the 31st. I so much hope and pray that the PC gets fixed before I leave - so much to do and so little time to do everything.

I better go now and get some sleep - will be working tonight. Been working straight since the 18th. I am supposed to be on my rest day today but since I moved my rest day for the trip -- well....I really don't have much choice but to drag myself to work for 9 nights straight! (lol).

Special thanks goes to Cacai and to all who came by even during my absence.


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    Pu Niao


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