Friday, March 13, 2009

Planning for Long Overdue Trip

Sorry for the long absence everyone. I have been quite busy lately as I needed to plan for my upcoming trip to Bohol. Yes – finally! I am going to Bohol! I will be leaving for Cebu on March 27th with my good friends Sang and Gal. I and my friends have been planning and saving for this trip for so long – LONG as in like a year! We are planning on our one-time-big-time experience at Regency Hotel’s Sky Rise. After a night in Cebu, we intend to leave for Bohol and stay there for the next 3 days. Sounds like fun, right? I am so looking forward to it! Yipeee!

I have been out the past few days looking for bags and etc. I needed a traveling bag and a sleeping bag. And believe it or not, I spent the last 2 days looking for a sleeping bag and finding none anywhere in the CDO area!!! Can you believe that? What’s so surprising and frustrating is none of our malls here are selling them anymore. A saleslady in SM told me “Ma’am, we no longer have that available and that product has actually been phased out.” All I could say was “Since when?” (lol!) If you were there, I swear you could have seen the big question mark plastered in my face! (lol). Anyway, I’m just really surprised that malls here in CDO would prefer to sell the “Traveling Mattress” and the “Inflatable Traveling Air Bed” – and you would need to purchase and carry it’s pump separately too, unless of course if you really want to blow air on the bed yourself – well, then be my guest. For me, nothing beats the practicality of having / owning a sleeping bag. It’s not only light weight; it is also compact and neat. And unlike the traveling Mattress and Airbed, it is not bulky.

Anyway, I finally found a sleeping bag online. And the best part is, they are selling the items in Peso. They are a company in Manila and they offer 2 to 3 business days of shipping. And if you’re in the same area as I am, I suggest you check them out at:

I will be posting more soon! And will definitely keep you all updated! Sorry for missing out on my daily EC droppings everyone – will make it all up to you I promise!


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  1. maam, do you still have the address of the item you purchased from they didn't send mine and its been days I'm worried please help as I'll try to report this ordeal to the authorities. Hope you could be of help my number is 0917 3446666. thanks!


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