Sunday, March 15, 2009

Witness to a Crime

I have witnessed a crime. Not really the gruesome, bloody type crime but could have been one. I know I’m not making any sense here.

Let me explain:

Last Saturday morning, at around past 6am, I was with my colleagues Jun and Christian and we were on our way home. I usually get off work and get on the same jeepney ride home with them. We were so busy talking about houses and house – related stuff when this guy got in on the same jeepney as we were and inconveniently got seated beside an unsuspecting girl who was very busy texting. Now, why did I say “inconveniently”? Well, the jeepney was neither full or empty – meaning there was enough room for atleast 6 to 10 more people but that man chose to sit right next to the girl even when there was a lot of room at the other side from where he was seated. At first, I kept staring and glaring at him for being so rude because he kept nudging the poor girl for more space so he could fit and sit in. After a few minutes, his intentions and agenda became clear to me. He skillfully placed his bag to where his other hand was – so it is hidden and covered from prying eyes. After a few minutes he placed his bag on his lap --- and the girls bag was wide open! And still – the girl was soooo busy texting!!! I was fighting the urge to tell the girl who was seated across me. Instead, I kept on nudging Christian’s elbow (who was sitting right next to me) and when he asked what – I discreetly pointed a finger to the man’s direction. At this time, he was again busy with his hands inside the poor girl’s bag! Christian nodded as if to say he saw it. We were now both watching the man doing his crime and neither of us could lift a finger to help the victim! Why? Because not far from where we were seated was a man who also kept glaring at us as if watching our every move. I suspect that it was the man’s accomplice. Usually, one will get stabbed or killed if you try to expose them right then or there. So we just kept our silence and pretended everything was okay. I got off the jeepney with Jun at a block away from my usual stop as I didn’t feel safe going off the jeepney alone and all by myself.

I still shudder remembering the other man’s glare at us – it was like getting a silent death threat. My only consolation was I made sure I remember their faces – so the next time I see them or get in on the same jeepney ride with them, I’ll know what to do.

I just feel lucky that they didn’t harm us that day. And I still feel sorry for the man’s unsuspecting victim.

If you have any similar experiences, please do share them with me and enlighten me. So the next time, I’ll be much more prepared.


  1. Hello...It can be almost surreal when we find ourselves in a position as unexpected as that.

    SOme people will be so shocked that they literally do nothing. Or they expect someone else will take charge.

    It is a hard call and really depends on ones immediate reaction.

    You are so right in that it was a good thing it was not more dangerous.

    Our world is getting more and more unsafe every day!

    Have a good day!

  2. Only in the Philippines (i guess?).


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