Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I love my Crocs!

Time flies when you’re having so much fun. And that’s true for me specially after having my first pair of Crocs shoes. I was born with ugly, big and long feet. I remember my mother’s frustration when it was time for me to have new shoes. It was very hard looking for one that will fit me. My growing up years has been so full of sad memories when it comes to foot wear. When girls my age were wearing cute, sexy and strappy sandals, I was forced to wear “uni-sex” foot wear that looked like it were men’s shoes! I had to endure that all throughout my highschool life. When I was in college, I preferred rubber shoes (atleast, uni-sex rubber shoes doesn’t look too “manly”). But still, that didn’t hide the fact that I wanted to wear sexy, strappy shoes. I was very envious of girls who had cute, small feet.

When I started working, I began to invest in really good shoes. I love Rusty Lopez’s shoes. They have big sizes too! But, it wasn’t as durable as I want them to be. Being a clumsy walker, I trip and stumble most of the time. And I always have to worry about broken or torn foot wear. Then my officemates started wearing these colorful rubber shoes. I got so curious about them that I started checking it.

(These are the ones I already have)

I finally bought 2 pairs of Crocs. And after 8 months of rain or shine weather conditions, I am glad to announce that it still looks brand new. The soles have not thinned out, my feet are so comfy in it and they look sleek and stylish too!

Hmmm, this Christmas I know what to get for myself. I have been eyeing the Red Alice shoes by Crocs. And oh, I want the brown, the violet and the blue one too! Geezz… looks like I’m really addicted to it now (lol)!

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