Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Pink Panther

I know I’m supposed to do some chores today. But I couldn’t stop blogging. I think my brain is just in a super hyper mode today (lol)!

After posting my first post for today, I continued to sit by the computer, having some coffee while listening to some songs. After which I decided to watch a movie. I wanted to watch something funny and relaxing. I found our Pink Panther DVD. So I guess that made a good choice for today.

I am now sitting by the PC (still), laughing to my hearts content and blogging about Inspector Jacques Clouseau. I find the movie very wacky and chaotic. Where everything and anything that could go wrong goes wrong (lol)!

The part where Inspector Clouseau was learning how to speak English really got to me – so hard I couldn’t stop laughing. I choked, and boy, the coffee was really hot (lol)! Man, how could he not say 'Hamburger" correctly? That really made me laugh so hard, my whole body just couldn't stop shaking (lol)!

Steve Martin and Jean Reno really did justice to this movie remake. It’s really great! Superb! Kevin Kline and Beyonce were both outstanding!

Now! I really must start doing some chores and start cleaning my mess (lol)!

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