Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Me and my poor eyesight

I broke my glasses a few months ago. I just had it repaired recently. I bought a pair of contact lenses too – but, silly, careless me lost one of it. So right now, my glasses are in good working condition (hehehe after having the lenses and nose pad replaced, it looks like it’s brand new!).

I started wearing glasses when I was in my senior year in college. After getting tired of sitting at the back in the classroom (because I am taller than the average Filipina, I am expected to sit at the back to give others a clearer view of the board), squinting to see what my professor has written on the board and borrowing my classmate’s notes, I finally went to have my eyes checked. That was when I found out I was near sighted with myopic astigmatism (I hope I got the term correctly).

When I started working at the call center, I upgraded to wearing contact lenses (of course, I was earning more than what I did with my past job, lol). The only problem? My eyes got too dry and sore. I had to make sure I apply my eye solution every now and then. But I must admit, wearing contact lenses made me feel so FREE. For the first time, I felt like I had perfect vision! It felt so great having the perfect vision I have always dreamed about. And then, I lost one of it. Right now, I am planning on getting myself a new pair of contact lenses. And this time, I am going to be very careful and not lose one of it!

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