Saturday, January 17, 2009

Birthdays in the Family

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My brother recently celebrated his 28th birthday last January 11, 2009. It was a quiet celebration. Just the 4 of us (Papa, Mama, Erwin my bro and me). We just stayed home because it was raining plus we needed to check the river water level from time to time. I got my schedule adjusted that day due to the rain – because I came in 10 minutes late for work hehehe. I actually felt bad about not being able to give my lil bro something for his birthday. I gave him some cash but I’m just not used to giving cash as presents. But I’m happy knowing what my brother bought using my gift. He bought a new keyboard for our PC, visited his GF out of town and saved the remaining cash for his future use. Way to go, Bro! I hope you finish school soon so you can treat me out to dinner! (lol)

Anyway, I love my brother so much! (of course, I better do, because he is the only sibling I have). Even if we don’t always agree on the same things, I know that I’ll always have his support whenever I need it. Whenever I’m upset, not in the mood or when I was in the mood to argue with our noisy neighbors (lol), he has always been there for me, even went with me to the Barangay hall (lol). And I almost forgot, he cooks for me too when I’m too lazy to cook my own meals. He’s a good cook but… hmm sometimes, his food choices kinda gets weird. Good tasting but weird (lol).

Erwin my bro, this post came in late but nevertheless, I wish you more birthdays, blessings and happiness coming your way always! I love you! (Maskig pangit ka hehehehe).

My 30th Birthday

I celebrated my 30th birthday quietly this year. I took a day off work and just stayed at home, relaxed and just emptied my mind (Kakuyaw gud noh! lol). In other words, nagmuni-muni ko bayut! (lol) I truly enjoyed my birthday (even when it was raining and the weather was trying to get me down – ha!). A lot of really good things are happening for me (atleast, I’d like to think they are!).

My birthday this year is my happiest. And I have a LOT to be thankful for.

· For having my family with me
· For having a roof above my head
· For being able to eat 3 square meals a day (and even more!)
· For having a job (even if it’s making me paranoid)
· For my health
· And most of all, for having so much to look forward to everyday!

And the list could go on and on and on and on and on…..(lol).

For all who wished me a happy birthday – thank you! I appreciated it very much! Will post my birthday goodies next time.


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