Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Goodbye to a Comrade

Last December 5, 2008 was a very sad and tragic day. A very good friend of ours died of a sudden heart attack. Life really is unpredictable. You can be sitting and talking with someone and the next minute they’re gone.

Benhur was one of my agents. At first, I thought he spelled trouble. He has a say about anything and everything without a care of whoever hears him. But as I got to know him, he was quite gentle, kind and yes, even loving in his very own way. He was a good family man. A loving & doting father to his 2 kids, a faithful husband to his wife and was a very great teammate to us. He knew little about computers when he first started working at the call center, heck, he can’t even type as fast as normal people can – but he persevered. He was very determined to learn. He overcame a lot of struggles and yes, he learned and became one of the best.

Our team has this somewhat special bond between all of us. We have respect for each other and yes, we look after each other too (absences, over auxes and all). We worked as one and partied as one. Benhur went with our team outings even when he was already transferred to a different team. I guess he loved our company. We call our team the IRATES. Swearing and procrastinating are quiet common in our bay – but what I admire most about my team is the way they handle stress and still help customers even when they themselves are having a bad day. And Benhur was a true blooded IRATE (we all are!).

Benhur Tianco, in red, a good agent, friend and comrade to the Irates.

Benhur, thank you for the memories, for the laughter, the joy, the many wonderful moments, for sharing your time and your friendship with us . To you I say, Goodbye, Comrade! May you rest in peace in our Lord’s kingdom.

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