Friday, January 23, 2009

Ghosts: Do they really exist?

I’ve always been fascinated with ghost stories – but take note: I don’t want to meet one! I just like to read or watch ghost stories or anything related to that. But meeting one face to face is definitely out of the question. Period.

Here’s a video that was shared to me by Mommy Aina. I hope this will spook you out like it did me. (lol) Happy Watching!

For Negros police, it’s an ordinary mapping operation. But as one of them takes a video of their activity, an image of a woman in a white flowing gown appears on the side of a mountain.


  1. haha..remember ang "Check this out!" na email nako na accidentally sent to cdo group..haha..

  2. bwahahahha yup! And nag-apil pa jud sa thread si Mommy Melay bwahahahaha amaw man ka oist! kadumdum na nuon ko hahahahaha


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