Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Long absence reason

Hello, everyone!

Before anything else, I would like to take this chance of greeting each and everyone of you a belated Happy New Year! (woohooo!!!)

I know I have been out for a while again and a lot has happened – and this time, I really mean a LOT! And not only that, I successfully managed to forget my password! Can you even imagine that? Well, I finally remembered my password just today (after so many failed attempts before) and just couldn’t stay long on the PC since I was working through the Holidays (phew, what a shame!). So now, I’m just at home, being lazy and enjoying my rest day, and I am going to blog and make up for lost times (oh yeah!).

So, I’ll just go get my coffee, feed myself before my tummy decides to come up with a Coup threat (lol) and will be right back to write about the latest happenings lately (yes, ALL as in the good, bad and everything in between!).

So nice to be back here again, folks and this time – I’m writing this blog’s username and password in my phone’s organizer - and I’m not going to lose it ever again! (Yeehaaahhh!)

Happy New Year, folks! : -) Ciao!!!

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