Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Company Christmas Party 2008

We had our company Christmas party last December 12, 2008. It was grand, overflowing with great tasting foods and guests. I didn’t make it early enough to join the early bird raffle (thanks to the traffic!). But I’m not fretting. It was actually good because I had time to breathe and relax. I was working that day and got home at around 2:30pm. Early registration (for the raffle) started at 5pm and I wasn’t ready on time and when I was – well, I got stuck in traffic (lol).

I wasn’t able to get as much pictures as I’d like to because I was more of not in the mood that day (being sleepy and tired from lack of sleep – thanks to our ever noisy, drunk neighbors who partied and drank on the street till dawn). But anyway, here are among the few that I have taken. Enjoy! :-)

Me, taken at home before leaving for the party.

Me, Aquela, Jane and Gloryvel

Mr. Chris Caldwell, a very special guest, and the Irates girls

Rey, Aquela, me, Gloryvel and Jane

Happy Chat Support Team

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